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June 22, 2012
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1701: WR Deus ex Machina 1701 by billygoatsgruff 1701: WR Deus ex Machina 1701 by billygoatsgruff
STATUS :bulletgreen: active


Registered Name WR Deus ex Machina 1701
Registration Number #1701
Stable Name Deus
Breed Nordanner (medium)
Registered Yes
Kaaring :star::star::star::star::star: BEST STALLION See Journal
Potions Nightshade, Toxicate
Foal Design shown here
----------------- SS: Dane's Expresso 113 *
SIRE: CDS Atlantis' Downfall 1280*
----------------- SD: EWS Heart of Atlantis 477*
---------------------------------------------------------------SSSS: DBVR Majeed 126**
------------------------------------------ DSS: RDS The Foxx 114*
---------------------------------------------------------------DDDD: HA Meoquanee 87*
----------------- DS: SFS Mackinacs Stardust 1346*
---------------------------------------------------------------SSSS: SC Rhyfedd 120*
------------------------------------------ DSD: Aithne 850*
---------------------------------------------------------------DDDD: SH Ulmende 149*
DAM: SKG Rødmende Sjæl 1480*
---------------------------------------------------------------SSSS: NWS Daimhin 476*
------------------------------------------ DSS: SKG Natfjer 1267**
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------]SSSS: SDS Shiya 98**
---------------------------------------------------------------DDDD: BCRS Femme Fatel 840*
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------]DDDD: DFF Arina 474*
----------------- DD: HA Fjyera 1363*
------------------------------------------ DDD: Erytheis 902*


Age 16
Gender Stallion
Height 17.1hh
Phenotype Black Peafowl
Genotype Ee/aa/Ff/nPwl


Temperament From willing worker, to belligerent beast, he manages to encompass the best and the worst of each aspect; eager to learn, one might say a bit over-eager; tends to be strong headed and single minded; if something doesn't go his way he quickly turns into a sour menace.


BREEDING STATUS :bulletgreen: available
Breeding Rules See Journal
Breeding Fee (1) training images + (1) full body breeding image /or/ 2500 :points: + (1) full body breeding image
NOTE: cannot breed a dominant mutation without my permission; breeding dominants will increase the price
Scheduled Breedings

1. reserved for *BloodWolfsHowl > payment incomplete
2. reserved for *LVS-Nordanner
3. affiliate spot- for =Schn3e >… >…
4. affiliate spot- for *ANIMALGIRL1869 > payment complete
5. reserved for *billygoatsgruff >… >…
6. reserved for ~Risha-Stud > payment incomplete
7. reserved for *billygoatsgruff >… >…
8. open for negotiation
9. closed
10. closed

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swagstag Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my favourite of all Nordanners.
Here is Dues baby. I did want the baby to look like Dues...but dont think thats allowed. Of course, i didnt get black in the genes So here he is. :D Now to find a name
You're welcome :D Thank you again for the spot sweety. I'm so glad I did wait for a pwl mare unrelated to him :D
Hi sweety. I'm sorry to bother you, but could you please remove the payment incomplete from my name? So I could send in for my baby. Unless there is something else I am missing, then please let me know what it is? Thank you soooo much sweety. :tighthug:
oh yay! I so can't wait to see what i get. lol.... Thank you sweety. 

I am so happy to finally be able to get me a baby from Dues. Have been waiting for so long, and the waiting paid off. I will note you when I get the genes. :D
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